At this store's recommendation; I used less than 1 gallon of their cleaner solution; and it totally eliminated the Cigarette stench of 20 years of heavy smokers. This saved me over $1,400 I was quoted for applying a sealer and a second color cote to this building. Incredible
A close friend and neighbor Sheila Chester in NC. Gave me a sample OMG!!! This product REALLY Works! Where I cleaned the stain is now cleaner than the rest of the carpet. I can't wait to order this product.
I have bought Janitorial products from West Coast for years. About 27 years ago I bought a Royal vacuum that last that many years. Recently I needed a new vacuum and bought a Sanitaire with the micro filtration bags (or I can buy regular bags too) and I just LOVE it. The suction on the machine makes it work so well that my carpets really really look nice when I have vacuumed them. So happy with it!!!! I almost included this new acquisition in my Christmas Letter--Ha Ha!!!
Just had my Dyson repaired here, & I am very pleased. Was given accurate information by phone on trouble shooting, cost, etc. The repair was handled, & I received update phone call. My favorite vacuum is running like new, & I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received.
I go in here quite often now, the service and knowledge is amazing. They will always have my business. I always wondered why their reviews were so bad, i spoke with the owner and he told me. This business is newly owned and operated since april 1st 2014, So therefore the complaints came from the company under different ownership.